Gemini Junction

Gemini Junction burst onto the music scene in 2016 with their debut album release, but you've no doubt seen these folks around. They've played at the San Diego Spring Harp Fest, the Ocean Beach Chili Cookoff, Adams Avenue Unplugged, and several concerts and festivals for San Diego Folk Heritage. JT, Annie and Richie are accomplished songwriters, and address modern topics in traditionally-inspired song structures and instrumentation. The choice of strong material with a blend of lead and rhythm instruments with multiple voices has made Gemini Junction an audience favorite.


Annie RetticAnnie Rettic is a classically trained singer and violist, but early on found that roots music, besides being just plain fun, allows her to better connect with the audience. Beyond her custom 5-string fiddle, Annie's instruments include mountain dulcimer and ukulele.



Richie StrellRichie Strell is a harmonica phenomenon, winning the Best New Player award at the 2015 Spring Harp Fest, and being called on stage to play with everyone from the Beat Farmers to the Bayou Brothers. Given the chance, he will also break out his musical spoons, and maybe even a kazoo.



JT MoriJT Moringng provides a strong rhythm foundation on banjo or guitar, and taps into his Kentucky & Texas heritage to bring life to the older material they play, from Carter Family, to Townes Van Zandt. JT has leveraged his engineering training into a home studio where the band produces their recordings.



Rocky SmolinRocky Smolin, joining the group in 2017, is an upright bass player. At least the instrument is upright; the player you'll have to judge for yourself. The deep bass broadens the sound of the group and helps drive the music along. Rocky played folk music in high school, then took a break from the genre to play bass in rock bands, Dixieland, Afro-Cuban, Klezmer and straight ahead jazz standards.  This folk hiatus lasted some 50 years until Gemini Junction reminded him how much fun this music is and brought him back into the fold.




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